Timerlane Cakmak


Resource Specialization Global Development and Sustainability
Region Specialization Asia and the Middle East (Turkey)
International Experience(s) Self-Directed Study in Northern India

“Through GRS, I have successfully blended key elements of both my degrees, and had an outstanding journey full of growth, challenge, and adventure."

Why did you choose the GRS specialization that you did?

I found out how to be a Jedi at 7 years old, my childhood and life dream. How to be a Jedi became clear when I started doing yoga in 2002. Soon, yoga led me to systems thinking with its philosophy that everything is connected. Yoga also led me to be contribution focused, with its emphasis on compassion and service to the world. Before long I found myself teaching yoga and enrolled at UBC in GRS majoring in Global Development and Sustainability, a natural fit. Regionally I focus on Asia and the Middle East, with a special interest in Turkey, my fathers home country. In GRS I love my peers – our community is outstandingly passionate and supportive. Moreover, our advisors, support team, and alumni are exceptional, our Wednesday night dinners are brilliant, and our access to opportunities local and global are second to none.

Where did you travel to for your international experience requirement?

In winter term 2016, I gained admission into the Masters in Management Dual degree and added business studies to my GRS program. Successfully achieving this goal of many years also meant that my time to go abroad was limited due to a tight course schedule with my new Masters. Thus for Fall 2016 I designed a 9 credit self directed study with the support of advisors Brent and Roxana, and headed to Northern India to complete my advanced yoga teacher training and my UBC Research Project on The Value of Yoga for Leadership and Global Development. Successfully I blended key elements of both my degrees, and had an outstanding journey full of growth, challenge, and adventure.

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