GRS Updates

Here is a message from Brent regarding the remaining GRS classes for the semester:

We will not meet as a class in Room 160 this week (February 27, 2013).  Please attend one of the events that are described in the file that is attached to this message, or other related events taking place on campus during International Development Week: International Development Events.  Your assignment is to attend an event and prepare a report, up to 500 words, regarding what you learned in the context of culture, and linked to the concept of land, food and community, regarding international development issues while attending one of the International Development events on campus.  ***If there is another event happening around town that relates to your field of study (ie. the upcoming BARtalk or Food Policy Council meeting), feel free to attend that instead of the International Development Week activities.***  Write ups are due by noon on March 6.Please submit your report, by 12:00 pm (noon hour) Wednesday, March 6, as an attached file via an e-mail message to [Brent] with a copy to Roxana.

GRS class on March 6th will be a presentation and discussion session about Poverty, lead by Dr. Shafiq Dharamsi, from Family Practice in the Faculty of Medicine, along with our own Mercedes McGuire.  Members of GRS that have heard Dr. Dharamsi in the past will remember the energy and lively discussion that took place during his participation in previous GRS classes.

Class on March 13th will be a poster session by all members of class that have returned from academic exchange or internship.  Posters will be set up in the hallway outside of Room 160 between 5:30 and 7:00 pm.  For those members of the class that will be preparing posters, please see Roxana to obtain a blank poster board.  We will keep the poster boards to use in the future for providing information about the GRS program and opportunities for exchange and internships for people interested in the GRS program.  Snacks and refreshments will be provided during the poster session.

Class on March 20th will be in form of a panel discussion organized and led by Fauziya Issa and Kaka Ibrahim and some of their colleagues from Africa.  More details will follow as we get nearer to March 20th.

Please note that there will not be a GRS class on April 27th.


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