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New students often ask for ideas on what to blog about.  Click here for a great example to get you started. The personal blogs are pretty open; you may write about a variety of topics related to your overall experience with life in GRS.  Maybe you are taking some interesting courses, or have gotten involved with a professional or community group related to food security, nutrition, or agriculture.  Or perhaps you have gone/are thinking of going on a trip somewhere and would like to talk about your experiences.  Of course, if there is something that came up in GRS that you would like to talk about, that works as well. The idea here is that each of us experiences education and life in different ways and the blogs provide an opportunity to share and learn from each other.  Just remember that your blog is also something of an ambassador for the GRS program, so keep language/comments appropriate to that end.   As far as length is concerned, think quality over quantity (or aim for about 200 words).  As always, contact if you are having problems with the blogs/discussion board.

You can find my blog at ““.  It used to sit untouched for months, until I had the bright idea of using my blog to present a term paper for a directed study.  My supervisor agreed that this would meet all the requirements, and I got to have fun creating something visually engaging that might actually get read by someone other than the person giving me a grade.  Since then I’ve started posting a bit about soil related topics as they pertain to my life.  I’m obviously biased, but anything I’ve written on my blog would count for GRS participation marks, including the article on chickens and winter solstice.  Happy blogging!

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