Use Tags

What are tags?

Tags are a way of linking key words to your posts in order to help identify your posts. By using tags your posts are able to be found through the blog search engine. This allows users, including yourself to pull up posts on one specific topic. For example if you wanted to find all your posts about your experience volunteering in Peru, and you had tagged all of your posts about Peru with the keyword “Peru”, then all you have to do is type Peru into the search engine on your blog and it will pull up all your posts about Peru.

This allows you to search the blogs of others as well, so you do not have to read everything in order to find what you are looking for. If you are interested in finding a place to volunteer in China, you can search for the keyword China in the GRS blog or student blogs. This can only work however if everyone uses the tag option and tags their posts with as much identifying information as possible.

How to Tag

When you are writing or editing a post, you will find a blue box labeled Tags under the main text box.

  • Click on the text box where it says Add new tag
  • Type in keyword
  • Press enter
  • Continue this process with as many tags (identifiers) as you would like for that post.

To add or delete tags:

  • Go to site admin
  • Click on manage
  • Click on posts
  • Click on the post you want to edit
  • Scroll down to tags and make changes

Tagging in Flickr

Tagging works the same in Flickr as it does in WordPress blogging. After uploading your photos in Flickr you can tag them (place identifiers on each photo). This way people can search for photos by region or subject.

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